Trapeze Act!

Well leave it to me being a professional photographer and leaving my camera at home. I was probably to busy loading the cooler with Corona for the fourth of July firework show we were going to that night. Anyhow, we live in a ski resort and the owners of our base area decided we didn’t have enough outdoor activities already and installed bungee jumping equipment at the base of our ski mountain.

If you didn’t already know kids love to jump in general. Hell my son tried to jump off the roof of our house the other day. Our daughter is a walking pogo stick when she’s not tap dancing on our wooden floors (my nerves I tell ya!). So when the mountain announced the grand opening of their new bungee jumping play area on the fourth of July who was first in line to buy two fifteen dollar tickets for a total of $30.00. Yeah you guessed it. My American and I were right there to take the plunge, or should I say jump.

Now that my kids had their tickets in hand and were in line with all the other screaming yard apes it was time to sit back and enjoy their first attempt at bungee jumping (without the bridge though, this bungee jumping is kind of a tamed down version of the real thing, I don’t think you could die doing this kind). After waiting almost an hour (remembering the whole time I had an ice chest filled with corona that hadn’t been cracked yet) they got their turn. which brings me back to my camera that was left behind. We needed to document this event for posterity as well as capturing any shooting vomit that might occur. With no camera the next best thing was my trusty crappy iPhone camera. The damn thing cost a fortune it should be able to produce pictures better than Ansel Adams could on a bad day. Not the case though. If you have one you know what I mean. Anyway I shot the occasion with the damn thing and got some pretty neat effects with it on this particular day. It just goes to show you that its not about the best equipment to create an interesting image.

One final note. I was inspired to post these shots after seeing some other crappy (I mean fantastic) photos from my good friend and fellow photographer Chipper Hatter had posted on his face book page. He shot a series of images out a commercial flights window he was on flying back from a shoot. I encourage you to check his work out at His work is incredible to say the least. Now back to that ice chest of Corona………..


About James Ray Spahn Photographer
James Ray Spahn is an award winning architectural, interior, lifestyle and resort photographer. He shoots for architects, interior designers, developers, manufacturers, shelter magazines and resorts.

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