From the Exhibit “The Crow”

This image is one in a series from the Exhibit “The Crow”. This is a personal project and one I have been working on for about two years now. When not shooting for my commercial clients or being bogged down by the day-to-day rhetoric of trying to earn a dollar with my camera I find myself wandering the American landscape with my 1960’s Diana camera (yes is uses film. 120 to be exact). I find in this day and age of digital and the instantaneous need for everything right now that it is very therapeutic to slow down and look around my surroundings with an eye for the days of long ago. The majority of the images captured with this particular camera are from my travels throughout the country traveling to my paid shoots. As I always say though “it’s not about the camera, it’s the person and eye behind it that counts”.


About James Ray Spahn Photographer
James Ray Spahn is an award winning architectural, interior, lifestyle and resort photographer. He shoots for architects, interior designers, developers, manufacturers, shelter magazines and resorts.

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