“Smith Fork Ranch Shoot”

"Needle Rock"

Recently we were contacted by the Smith Fork Ranch out of Crawford Colorado. The Ranch rates as one of the top ten family/dude ranches in the state. They offer fishing , horseback riding, corporate retreats, weddings and guided hunting trips to name a few. The ranch is located by a famous landmark in the area. “Needle Rock” which you can see above sticks out like a sore thumb for miles around and is the first thing you see on the way to the ranch.

Mary Clare on the right and my gear loaded in the gator on the left

The owners of the ranch were looking to re-brand the ranch with new images for a newly developed web site and marketing collateral. This is where we came in. We worked very closely with Mary Clare the ranches marketing director (She can be seen in the above image on the right). Mary Clare also provided all the styling for the shoot. The ranch had several structures on the property that needed to be photographed. There was the cookhouse, main lodge, two main log homes and three smaller cabins that were only about 300 square feet. The cabins can be seen below.

Exterior of the small cabins and larger log home

Because of the amount of photography requested by the client it was determined that we would need two days to shoot. The structures were spread out over several acres on the property so there was lots of walking back and forth with gear and props. In some cases a gator was needed as seen above to haul the gear around. Below are a few images of the River House.

Interiors of the River House

We utilized dusk as much as possible as you can see in the images above as well as the shots below. These bottom shots are of the game room on the left and  dinner hall on the right.

Elk Lodge and Dinner Bell

The smaller cabins were a real challenge to shoot. Again their spaces were only about 300 square feet if that. We had to get real creative with camera angle and lighting since movement and space was limited. We shot all of the smaller cabins with strobe and natural light.

300 square foot cabin

A second cabin

These interiors are from the larger guest house on the ranch.

Larger guest house

This shoot is just another example of the diversity of shoots that come our way and why clients hire us  for our expertise, skills and problem solving abilities. No two shoots are ever alike and this one proved it.


About James Ray Spahn Photographer
James Ray Spahn is an award winning architectural, interior, lifestyle and resort photographer. He shoots for architects, interior designers, developers, manufacturers, shelter magazines and resorts. www.jamesrayspahn.com

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