“Burning Mountain Fire Station”

Wanted to share a few images from my recent shoot for CR Architecture of their recently completed Burning Mountain Fire Station in New Castle Colorado. I worked closely with CR’s graphic designer Emily Tepe and architect Christopher Pfeiffer to come up with a shot list and game plan highlighting the firms needs of the project. A preliminary day was spent walking the property and  doing scouts shots of predetermined locations and angles that showed off the architecture and usage of the structure.

The scout shots were then emailed to Emily and Christopher and then a conference call was held  to nail down final shots, angles and times of day to shoot. CR is going to enter the station in an awards competition so details were extremely important. CR wanted actual firemen in some of the images for scale, but mostly to try to show how the fire station was actually built for training on site as well.

Christopher Pfeiffer was on site for the shoot to help direct and approve of each image as the shoot progressed. Christopher was a great help in making the shoot run smoothly. It’s always nice to have the client on set to help out with direction. This also helps eliminate any guess-work on my end in what the clients vision is of their project.

We determined beforehand that the best light for the shoot would be late afternoon and dusk. Staff at the station were extremely helpful and cooperative with the shoot. Vehicles had to be constantly moved in and out of the bays for each shot. They also had to get their ladder out on one of the vehicles so we could shoot them in action training in the tower. I have to admit that I was never the kind of kid that was into fire trucks growing up, but after this shoot I have a higher interest and respect for what it take to be a fireman and run a fire station.

One  worthy thing to note is that the shoot could have been shut down at any given moment. What might that be you ask? Yep…. your right. A fire!


About James Ray Spahn Photographer
James Ray Spahn is an award winning architectural, interior, lifestyle and resort photographer. He shoots for architects, interior designers, developers, manufacturers, shelter magazines and resorts. www.jamesrayspahn.com

2 Responses to “Burning Mountain Fire Station”

  1. Thanks for the great shoot and commentary on the day, James. I had fun and the shots turned out better than expected! CP

  2. Chris Spahn says:

    Nice shoot James, very nice. I wish we had a station as nice as the one you shot there at Burning Mtn. What did the interior look like?

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