“Built to Last”

The September issue of Log Cabin Homes has a feature called “Built to Last” that I shot the photography for last October. The home was located in Flat Creek, Tennessee. I originally shot the home for my long time good client Mathew Sterchi of Stonemill Log Homes out of Knoxville. I have been shooting for Stonemill for about ten years now and when I get a call from Mathew about a new project he needs shot I know it will be unique and not disappoint. This home here is a perfect example of the clean design that Stonemill brings to each of their projects. Also, being only 1500 square feet the home design is extremely efficient with the spaces…..

Being the size that the home was it was a one day shoot with actually wrapping up early afternoon. Traveling as much as I do, and if I have the time I like to see the local sites if I can. In this case it was the town of Lynchburg (population 361) just down the road. If you didn’t know already, this is where the famous Jack Daniels distillery is, the oldest registered distillery in the U.S. I was informed by the homeowner that the distillery was having their famous Jack Daniels Barb-Q cook off. Well what two better things to partake in…. Barb-Q and whiskey. Little did I know that Lynchburg has been a dry county since prohibition so you can’t buy any alcohol. Yeah your right…. no Jack either………..since I couldn’t have a beer and Jack with my Barb-Q I motored down the road to my next shoot and straight out of that dry county………..funny thing is I will be right back in Lynchburg next month…..this time BYOB for sure.


About James Ray Spahn Photographer
James Ray Spahn is an award winning architectural, interior, lifestyle and resort photographer. He shoots for architects, interior designers, developers, manufacturers, shelter magazines and resorts. www.jamesrayspahn.com

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