“Jasper Arkansas Shoot”

Just returned from a great run through the south, east coast and on up into Canada. Sixteen States, one Country and twelve different shoots, not to mention  the twenty Starbucks Venti  coffees along the way. Each project was unique in its own right. Thought I would highlight each one in the coming weeks and wanted to start with the first.

I was hired by my long time client  Ira Martin (I.T. Martin Group) who I have shot several projects for over the last eight years to shoot a recently completed project of his  down in Jasper Arkansas. When you work with a client over several years you get to know and understand their philosohpy of architecture and construction . After you get to know Ira, right away you  find out how passionate he is about his projects. Details are everything to him.

Ira drove up for the shoot from Austin to lend a hand and help with direction. That’s the beauty of a client on site while shooting, they can really challenge me and make me think outside of the box because of what their vision of a project is. Most of the projects I shoot have been in a construction process for several years, so working with a client on the shoot  I get the full vision of the project through their eyes, words and direction. A client such as Ira challenges me visually, technically and in the end makes me a better photographer…

We spent two days shooting the house. Not a leisure I have on the majority of other projects. Two days gives a nice even flow to the shoot and gives me more options to work with the light and its  nuances. A real treat as any photographer will tell you….

This will wrap up shoot number one from my Fall trip for this months Blog.  Shoot two and Venti two to come shortly!