“June 2011 Featured Project”

I had an interesting project come through the door a few weeks back. I received a call from Ethan Hampton of Ethan Hampton Architects out of Denver wanting to shoot a recently completed project of his up in Boulder, Colorado.The project was an office renovation for the company Right Now Technology.

Ethan and I chose a day  to scout the project with the intention of actually shooting the project the following day. The day we met at the site it was raining sideways with no end in site. Our initial plan was to take advantage of the natural light shooting through the windows that made up the majority of the walls in the main spaces we chose to shoot but we changed gears  almost immediately after seeing that the spaces looked very sexy and moody with the rain and clouds that mother nature had provided us.

Checking the weather on our phones we saw that the following day that we were actually going to shoot the forecast was calling for bright sunny sky’s! Having the blessing of Right Now Technology we decided to move forward and start shooting immediately. This is a perfect example of what I learned a long time ago with my profession “one must be extremely flexible and prepared at all times”. I actually had a meeting in Denver that same day so after an hour drive back to the city in torrential rains  for my meeting and another hour drive back to the location we started our shoot.

The one thing you do not see in these images is the thirty some workers at their desks. Not only did we have to work around the light in the spaces but the staff of the company as well. I have been in situations like this before and trust me it can be a train wreck, fortunately everyone was  extremely cooperative and willing to help in whatever we needed. It should also be noted that my client Ethan Hampton was very hands on during the whole shoot. Without his help and input the images would not have shined as they do here. Collaboration is key! Working as a team is the only way the clients vision in the final images can come through.

The shoot went without a hitch except for one small blip and that was Ethan leaving his car keys in the building after we had locked up and left after hours with no way to re-enter. Thank goodness for the cleaning crew!