“March 2012 Featured Project”

I just spent the last three weeks in shorts and tennis shoes shooting for BCII Productions and HGTV in Los Angeles and Hollywood. I traded that attire in last week for pants, ugg boots, down jacket and wool hat for a shoot in Aspen, Colorado.

I was hired by my good client  Rebecca Richardson of Charles Cunniffe Architects out of Aspen. Rebecca Richardson Marketing Director for Charles worked closely with me on the shoot as well as my wife Carolyn helping style and set up for each shot. Without either of their help the two-day shoot would have turned into a five-day shoot.

When we arrived for the first day of shooting my plan was to shoot the exteriors that evening at dusk to eliminate them and their need for dealing with the elements. Well that sounded like good plan, but since it was snowing and blowing sideways we deferred to start shooting the interiors first.

Using the overcast skies mother nature had given we were able to shoot several low lit exteriors that really showcased to sexy lighting of the house.

Shoot day two offered a blue bird day with sunny skies throughout the evening…this light was taken into consideration and interior spaces were chosen that would best utilize the natural light..

Day two was wrapped and finished with dusk exteriors as seen above. The storm that hit the day before provided some beautiful snow coverage for the exteriors….hard to get sometimes when a shoot is booked several weeks out and not knowing what the weather may do.

The shot below was the final image from the shoot and one that was not on the shot list. As I was walking back into the house from shooting the exteriors I grabbed this composition  thinking it was a nice addition to the portfolio of images we had shot over the course of the two days……I’m always thinking above and beyond the shot list for my clients…

Now if I could only put my shorts and tennis shoes  on and be projected back to that nice Cali weather. Looks like I will only have to wait about a week  or two before that happens when I return for more work in that region at the end of March…