“May 2011 Featured Project”

This project is the first in a series we will be featuring at the beginning of each month. We shot this project for our client William Hefner out of Los Angeles. The project is located in Sierra Madre and sits on a beautiful piece of property overlooking Pasadena and “Old Town”. We spent a day at  the house shooting with William assisting with the styling. The house really lent itself to  natural light on the interiors. This determined my approach with  lighting so fill was a major player in the majority of interior shots. The house lit up beautifully in the evening as you can see so dusk exteriors were the plan at the end of the day. With the days becoming a little longer as summer approaches this helped me produce a few more exterior dusk shots then what I could have normally produced in the winter. Once the shoot was wrapped we enjoyed some wonderful Sushi in “Old Town” Pasadena at “Sushi Roku”. I highly recomend this restaurant. Great atmosphere with a super staff and all  guests will feel welcomed as the staff greets them with “IRASHAIMASE”!