“OZ Architecture”

I recently had the honor to have been hired by¬† “OZ Architecture” based in Denver to shoot several projects of the firms recently completed work as well as a few of their past jobs.

The firm is revamping their website and marketing collateral and needed fresh imagery to help with this new push.

The project you see here is of the Sam Gary Library in the Stapleton area of Denver. It was also the first of five projects that we started with. Since the first five projects sixteen more have been added to our hit list for the firm.

The firm had a clear vision going into several of the shoots that they wanted adults and children in a lot of the spaces to not only give scale, but also to add life to the images.

Anyone who has children or photographs children for a profession can understand what a trial it can be. My philosophy has always been to let them run around like wild Indians and then at the last-minute drop them into the shot. The image above is a perfect example. I told them where I wanted them and as they were getting settled into their spots I started to shooting without them even knowing it was the real deal. As you know…. kids do what kids do.

I worked¬† closely with the marketing director of the firm as well as the principal on this particular project. Both were on site and extremely helpful with direction and exactly how they wanted to portray the spaces……

Collaboration has always been a key element in my book for a successful shoot and this project exlimpifies that quality to the tee……

More of OZ’s projects will be highlighted in future posts….