“October Shoot Schedule”

Well were hitting the road and blasting off to space again!! James Ray Spahn Photographer will be shooting this October in New York City, Tennessee, Arkansas, Virgina, West Virgina, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ontario Canada. Yes……all in one month……. fill the cooler with Red Bull and charge the GPS! Please contact us if you would like to add a project to our travel schedule. We would would love to hear from you…….thanks and will see you at your local Starbucks!

“Sites from New York City”

I just returned from my trip to New York City and showing my book around. The trip was a huge success and all of the clients were super gracious to take a few minutes away from their busy schedules to fit me in to see and hear about my work and what I can offer their firms. Thought I would share a few of the sites while traveling throughout the city and to some of the meetings. The image above though was a down day and spent on “The Sound”. Hey it can’t all be work and no play right?

“Wheels up”. Leaving Denver!

Grand Central Station. Fun trying to find which train to get on!

Empire State Building. Hell of a view from the top!

On the way back to La Guardia.

Wheels down and back home! Always feels good to be home……

“James Ray Spahn Photographer will be traveling to New York City”

James Ray Spahn Photographer will be traveling to New York City for several portfolio meetings June 22nd through the 24th. We would embrace any additional meetings to put a name with a face and show a quick portfolio. Social networking is great and we love it, but you still can’t beat an old fashion face to face meeting to really find out about a person and their business. Call it old school but we love meetings. Please let us know if you are interested! The coffee is on us….