“University of Wyoming & Casper Wyoming Medical Center Shoot”

Last Tuesday the 6th and the day after Labor Day I had planned on spending the day on the phones and at the computer returning emails and spending the rest of the day on marketing. Well that was the plan as least and up till about 11:00 am this is what I was doing until my phone rang. On the other end was Emily Zorrilla Marketing Director at Haselden Construction (a very large contractor to say the least). Back in May Emily had called me and asked if I could meet with her and her graphic designer to put a name with a face and go over my services and prices. During the meeting she mentioned that Haselden had several projects that needed to be shot and would I be interested?

Back to that phone call with Emily last Tuesday. Emily explained to me that she needed a project at The University of Wyoming in Laramie photographed and in Casper Wyoming she also had a Medical Center that she needed shot as well. The only problem was that she needed six shots of each project and she needed them Friday by 5:00pm. Yikes……was my first response. I work on tight deadlines all the time, but this one was extraordinary. So my response to Emily was “sure no problem”!

After Emily and I hung up I  spent exactly one hour on the phone with my contacts on the ground who would be helping with access to the buildings. I spent exactly one more hour packing gear into the truck and making hotel accommodations. I was on the road by 2:00pm almost exactly three hours after Emily called me. Talk about not knowing what a day may hold. Six hours later after driving in a non stop rain storm I rolled into Laramie and hit my hotel and the sack.

The next day I arrived at the University in yet another rain storm and after a quick walk through with the project manager began shooting interiors of the spaces chosen by the two of us. I wrapped up the interiors in the afternoon and returned to my hotel for a quick power nap and then returned to the University to finish up the exteriors as dusk. The rain had stopped so I had perfect conditions to get capture some real dramatic light and sky.

Day one was a real success. Now onto the Casper Medical Center. I awoke at 3am……yes 3am to make the two-hour drive to Casper to beat the dawn light and be in position for a twilight shot of the Medical Centers exterior. I arrived in the nick of time and again captured some great light.

I then moved into the interiors of the complex and immediately began shooting. Shooting in hospitals is a tricky matter because of the security and sensitivity of the patients. Time was of the essence…….

After the interiors were shot I then revisited the exterior and captured a few more images with the sun rising on the building.

I wrapped the shoot at roughly 8am and headed for the nearest Starbucks for a much-needed Venti and to download the images to my back up hard drives. I was on the road and headed back to Colorado by 10:00am for the eight-hour drive home. Friday was spent processing the images starting at 4:00 am and completing them by 3:00pm. I had somehow managed to not only make Haselden’s deadline, but did so with two hours to spare. The shoots were just another example of never knowing what might pop up on my plate at any given time……….Experience, determination and planning all went into making the shoots a success. Something I must say that I am very proud of. Until next time!!