“Black & White or Color”

From a recent shoot in Southwestern Colorado this exterior shot was a composite of ten separate images to come up with the pano. Really interested in the concept of how the image looks in black and white compared to color. I think I will explore this contrast in more detail for future portfolio pieces as well as for a coffee table book of my work that we are working on.



From the series “The Horse”

These two images are a from a personal project I have been working on over the last five years that focus on the horse and my fascination and love for the American West.

All of the images have been shot during my travelsĀ  that have crisscrossed throughout the country and that have led me down every dirt road and lonesome highway that you can imagine. These images are a breath of fresh air from the demanding schedule from my commercial and advertising shoots. I first started riding horses and moving cows at the age of thirteen on my Uncles Ranch in South West Colorado….though its been a few years since I have sat on the back of one of these fine animals I continue to be amazed at their beauty and their ancient history….I have always longed for wide open and desolate spaces and feel very much at home on the plains as these animals do….

From the Exhibit “The Crow”

This image is one in a series from the Exhibit “The Crow”. This is a personal project and one I have been working on for about two years now. When not shooting for my commercial clients or being bogged down by the day-to-day rhetoric of trying to earn a dollar with my camera I find myself wandering the American landscape with my 1960’s Diana camera (yes is uses film. 120 to be exact). I find in this day and age of digital and the instantaneous need for everything right now that it is very therapeutic to slow down and look around my surroundings with an eye for the days of long ago. The majority of the images captured with this particular camera are from my travels throughout the country traveling to my paid shoots. As I always say though “it’s not about the camera, it’s the person and eye behind it that counts”.

Yestesrdays Photo Assistant!

My photo assistant on yesterdays shoot. The homeowners donkey alongside me shooting in the front yard. You never know what your gonna see down here in the South. Guess his name?

Sky Pilot

This is one of about 100 images captured with my Diana while traveling the country on assignments. The series is ongoing you can imagine. As always thank you for stopping by and your interest in James Ray Spahn Photographer……

Personal work #1

Recent image from an on going personal project. Still life #1.