“Black & White or Color”

From a recent shoot in Southwestern Colorado this exterior shot was a composite of ten separate images to come up with the pano. Really interested in the concept of how the image looks in black and white compared to color. I think I will explore this contrast in more detail for future portfolio pieces as well as for a coffee table book of my work that we are working on.



“January 2012 Featured Project

A few months ago I had the opportunity to work with a really great client of mine out in LA. I first worked William Hefner of Studio William Hefner a few years back when I was shooting an assignment for Luxe Magazine out in Los Angeles.

William called  and wondered if I would be interested in shooting three projects of his for a coffee table book that he was putting together on his work. The project shown here is one of three that I am highlighting  over the next few months….

The beautiful thing about William is how hands on he is on the shoots and how he challenges me to find just the right angle and light he is after. Collaborating with him for three days  in a row is a very rewarding and creative process.

If asked how to describe his work or the projects of his that I have photographed I would have to say clean and contemporary. Its a real treat to shoot one of his homes……

The image below showcases the homeowners art studio which is located on the roof of the house…….

Projects like this one make my job a real pleasure and one that I would not trade…..Thanks for the work William!