“Black & White or Color”

From a recent shoot in Southwestern Colorado this exterior shot was a composite of ten separate images to come up with the pano. Really interested in the concept of how the image looks in black and white compared to color. I think I will explore this contrast in more detail for future portfolio pieces as well as for a coffee table book of my work that we are working on.



“Luxe Interior + Design 2014 Winter Issue”

I am very excited to announce that the 2014 winter issue of Luxe Interior + Design magazine is out on the stands. I am also very honored to say that a home I  shot for the magazine this last fall is not only featured in the issue, but my image of the exterior of the home made  the cover. What a great way to start off the New Year here at the studio of James Ray Spahn Photographer!








“Recent Client Ad’s”

A couple of recent Ad’s two of our good clients are running in the latest issue of Luxe Interiors & Design magazine using our photos to highlight their services. This first one if for Charles Cunniffe Architects out of Aspen and the one below is for Carol Moore Interior Design out of Edwards Colorado. Both clients value dynamic photography and the power it brings to their image and marketing collateral……….

“River House”

The following images are just a few of the many we captured of this particular home that is featured in the latest edition of Luxe Interiors & Design magazine. I was commissioned by Charles Cunniffe Architects out of Aspen to shoot the home for their portfolio. I then submitted the home to Luxe. They picked it up and ran with it. I worked closely with Rebecca Hill the marketing director at Charles Cunniffe on the shoot. Rebecca handled all styling and prep work. The shoot would not have gone as smoothly as it did if it were not for her expertise. I wish all of my clients we as hands on as she was. It really helps the flow of a shoot when you have a solid collaboration with the client.

As you can see the house sits right on the river. This is the Rio Grande that runs right through the heart of Aspen. It was a challenge to say the least to get a good angle on the house in regards to the foliage and the rivers proximity to the house. As always though determination and creativity paid off and I captured the shot you see here. The last shot is me standing down in the river shooting back at the house. This was taken by Rebecca with her trusty Iphone! Just another day at the office…….