“Interior Design Magazine Feature”

Very honored and thrilled to receive the latest issue of Interior Design Magazine to see a project of mine featured within the pages of a home I shot for Studio William Hefner in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles. ID is a magazine I look up to for not only its content, but layout and level of photography as well. I am honored to say the least. The other homes featured in the same section of “Innovative Houses Bring the Outdoors In” were located in Iceland and Spain.





“California Homes”


A few months back I was pleasantly surprised to return home from  two-weeks on the road of shooting to find a copy of Studio William Hefner’s new book “California Homes” sitting on my desk. William has been a client of mine for over five years and  has hired me to shoot the majority of his projects in that time frame. The collaboration is always a creative one and one that I always  look forward to when we get the opportunity to work together. The majority of projects were shot in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Hollywood and Pacific Palisades. I am truly honored to have my images grace the pages of his beautiful new book. The following are  excerpts  of a few of the homes that I photographed and that are featured in the book.

















I am  thrilled and very proud to have a project I shot for Studio William Hefner showcased in the recent issue of C “California Style Magazine”. I am also very flattered to have been  included in the magazines contributor section as well. It’s an honor to be associated with such a classy and stylish magazine and be among other contributors of the magazine who are also at the top of their game……





“Latest Feature in Luxe Interior + Design Magazine”

The recent issue of Luxe Interior +Design Magazine Los Angeles edition recently featured one of my projects that I shot last Fall in the Palisades in their Fall issue.

The home was originally shot for my client the Architect/Interior Designer and Landscape Architect. As you can imagine there was a lot to cover in and around the home  to say the least.

Working close with the Architect we were able to capture around twenty-five images of the home that really showcased the clients vision as well as Luxe’s interest in featuring the house. Another successful shoot all around!

“Bevery Hills 90210 Photo Shoot”

I had the great pleasure to be back out in LA shooting for my long time client Studio William Hefner. Always a treat as well  to be shooting in ninety degree weather with a location and a view to die for.

Having the great pleasure to shoot all over the country and in some amazing locations, I would have  to rank this project  up at the top of my list for panoramic views. Barring the smog that LA is famous for we were actually pretty lucky and had fairly clear skies throughout the shoot.

It has never failed to amaze me that in my travels I can wind up in a place where something unique is taking place. This shoot was no different. While shooting the above image a loud roar was heard coming up over the hills to the crews left.  Low and behold the endeavor did a fly by right over our heads on its final flight and resting spot just down the road. An amazing experience for sure….

As I have commented before when blogging about one of William’s projects. Clean, classic and contemporary is the best way for me to describe his Architecture and Interior Design.

Light and airy can also  describe William’s projects. Sunlight abounds throughout the spaces of his homes. From a photographers point of view this allows  me to take full advantage  and use the natural light as a tool to light spaces naturally  as the Architect intended it to be represented throughout the home…

The home was definitely a real treasure and a fun one to photograph and be a part of. I will be returning to the location in the next few weeks to shoot a handful of exteriors at dusk. I look forward to seeing the house lit up as well as the cityscape below.

Yours truly on location  wrapping up another great day of shooting in the hills of 90210…

“Recent Shoot in Los Angeles”

An exterior image from our recent shoot in Los Angeles for Studio William Hefner. Check back soon for a post dedicated to the whole project……

“January 2012 Featured Project

A few months ago I had the opportunity to work with a really great client of mine out in LA. I first worked William Hefner of Studio William Hefner a few years back when I was shooting an assignment for Luxe Magazine out in Los Angeles.

William called  and wondered if I would be interested in shooting three projects of his for a coffee table book that he was putting together on his work. The project shown here is one of three that I am highlighting  over the next few months….

The beautiful thing about William is how hands on he is on the shoots and how he challenges me to find just the right angle and light he is after. Collaborating with him for three days  in a row is a very rewarding and creative process.

If asked how to describe his work or the projects of his that I have photographed I would have to say clean and contemporary. Its a real treat to shoot one of his homes……

The image below showcases the homeowners art studio which is located on the roof of the house…….

Projects like this one make my job a real pleasure and one that I would not trade…..Thanks for the work William!

“May 2011 Featured Project”

This project is the first in a series we will be featuring at the beginning of each month. We shot this project for our client William Hefner out of Los Angeles. The project is located in Sierra Madre and sits on a beautiful piece of property overlooking Pasadena and “Old Town”. We spent a day at  the house shooting with William assisting with the styling. The house really lent itself to  natural light on the interiors. This determined my approach with  lighting so fill was a major player in the majority of interior shots. The house lit up beautifully in the evening as you can see so dusk exteriors were the plan at the end of the day. With the days becoming a little longer as summer approaches this helped me produce a few more exterior dusk shots then what I could have normally produced in the winter. Once the shoot was wrapped we enjoyed some wonderful Sushi in “Old Town” Pasadena at “Sushi Roku”. I highly recomend this restaurant. Great atmosphere with a super staff and all  guests will feel welcomed as the staff greets them with “IRASHAIMASE”!